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Civil law

  • Restitution and compensation ANRP (Law 9/1998, Law 10/2001, Law 290/2003, Law 221/2009).
  • Claims movable and immovable (land and buildings), outputs of individuals, actions claims, evictions.
  • Divorce, alimony, custody and / or child Custody, division of common property.
  • Inheritance and shared inheritance, usurpation, accessible.
  • Resolution, termination and cancellation of the contract, consulting, editing, attestations and any type of contract negotiations, actions, demands and / or instruments of incorporation.
  • Resolving commercial disputes, insolvency firms, establishment / modification companies.
  • Commercial litigation arbitrage activities, recovery of loans.
  • Procurement, tender offers, appeals to the CNSC.
  • Addresses, notices, agreements, cooperation agreements, issue diligence reports, payment summons, appeals to the foreclosure.

Administrative litigation

  • Annul the decision and acts
  • Carrying out preliminary procedure
  • Application for issuance of an administrative act

Legal and business consultancy

  • Permanent legal assistance to individuals and companies, Romanian and foreign.
  • Representation in the courts at all levels and public institutions in Romania (police, prosecutors, notaries, financial guard).
  • Fiduciary activities and arbitration.
  • Issuing legal opinions, drafting obvious, reports and briefings on business results.
  • Managing partnerships with firm clients and collaborators


  • Appeals of taxes set by the tax authorities

Labour disputes

  • Employment and collective dismissals.
  • Individual contracts and / or collective labor agreements.
  • Disciplinary proceedings and / or patrimonial.
  • The establishment and payment of pensions.
  • Formulating a legal point of view on the situation under review.
  • Representing and defending the interests of employees and employers.